Root Canal in Tijuana, Mexico

Root canal treatment or therapy, is a procedure that is done when a tooth has either a deep cavity or has been subjected to severe trauma. Usually done by an endodontist, requires that the nerve and pulp be removed.

The object of a root canal is to clean and disinfect the nerve canal so it can be sealed off and the tooth saved. Every treatments goes through a complete assessment before a root canal is decided upon. Our endodontist will make the final decision along with the patient as to the reason of why a root canal will be done.


A root canal is a common, standard procedure that saves damaged or diseased teeth by removing the soft inner tissue, known as the pulp. The objective of the root canal is to clean and disinfect the nerve canal so it can be sealed off and the tooth can be saved. Root canals have a success rate of over 95%, and with proper care, the results last a lifetime. At My Baja Dental we’ll help save your tooth and your money. Our root canal cost in Mexico will save you up to 70% compared to the average cost of a root canal in the U.S.

Root canal and crown procedure in Tijuana

The endodontist (root canal specialist) begins the root canal procedure by numbing the area around the tooth. A small opening is then made in the crown of the tooth. Using specialized instruments, the endodontist removes the pulp and nerve from the pulp chamber and the root canals. Once the inner parts of the tooth have been sufficiently cleaned, they are medicated, filled with a biocompatible material (gutta percha), and then sealed off. The hole is then covered with a filling.

In some cases, a crown is required to help strengthen the tooth. This is particularly true when the root canal is on the back teeth, which are used for chewing and can benefit from the additional support. The same is true if the tooth is damaged or cracked. In these cases, the natural tooth must first be filed down to make room for the crown. An impression is then made of the tooth and its upper or lower companion so the lab can customize the new dental crown for a perfect fit. Once the lab completes fabrication of the crown, a second visit will be needed to place the permanent crown.

Signs you may need root canal therapy

During routine dental visits, dentists examine the teeth for signs of damage, disease, infection, or other indications that a root canal may be needed. This allows them to treat the issue before the pain sets in. Just because you are not experiencing pain does not mean you don’t need a root canal. But if you don’t have pain and you visit your dentist regularly, chances are you do not need a root canal. Your dentist will let you know if you do. But in general, there are some common signs and symptoms to look out for:

Persistent tooth pain

Cracked tooth

Sharp pain while chewing

Tooth sensitivity to heat or cold

Swollen gums

Dental abscess (pimple on the gums)

Puss around a tooth

Discolored tooth

These signs may indicate that you need a root canal, or they may point to another dental issue. Either way, it’s important to visit a dentist right away.

Root Canal and Crown Cost in Tijuana

If you need a root canal and crown in the U.S., you might have to pay $4500 for the root canal procedure and the crown. But at My Baja Dental, the root canal cost is $350 and the crown cost is $350-$550, depending on the type of crown you choose. Either way, the total cost of our root canal and crown is less than $1000. That’s a huge savings compared to the average root canal in the U.S. , but you’re still getting the same high quality materials and long-lasting results.

Root Canal
$350 – $550

Root canal FAQ

Is a root canal painful?

Thanks to modern dental technology and aesthetic medicine, a root canal procedure is no more painful than getting a cavity filled. You shouldn’t feel anything at all during the procedure. After the anesthetic wears off, you may feel some tenderness and sensitivity, but this can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications and should subside within a few days.

How long does a root canal take?

The average root canal takes 30-60 minutes. If a crown placement or other additional procedure is needed, it may be longer.

How should I prepare for root canal treatment?

Your dentist or endodontist will give you specific instructions for how to prepare for your root canal, and you’ll want to follow them closely. In general, it’s best to avoid alcohol and tobacco for 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you take an over-the-counter pain medication just before the procedure, it can help minimize your discomfort after the anesthetics wear off. You’ll also want to eat before your root canal because your mouth may feel a little too tender to eat afterward.

Is there anything I can do to prevent the need for future root canal treatment?

Practicing proper oral hygiene and attending routine dental appointments will help keep you in optimal oral health and reduce your risk of the future need for a root canal. Accidental chipping of the teeth,  trauma, and other factors can still result in a damaged or diseased tooth, but as long as you do your part to minimize your risk, you’re in good shape.

Is it worth going to Mexico for root canal treatment?

If you’d like to minimize the amount of money you spend on dental work in order to maximize the amount of money you have to spend on the pleasures of life, then yes, it’s worth going to Mexico for root canal treatment.  Call My Baja Dental at (619) 272-9060 to schedule a consultation today.